Thursday, April 19, 2012

Young Entrepreneurs Interview Series - Part 1

I dragged my friend and made a trek out to the Wyndham Kingston Hotel one Sunday afternoon last semester to check out the annual Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica expo that was put on by a company called Value Added Services. I must admit, 'twas a fun outing, but not very exciting and even less inspiring for an upcoming/wannabe entrepreneur (me). It was what I would call a "dry" event. However, I did get to meet a few young entrepreneurs, who I would later on consider to contact for my research documentary project.

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago, while attending one of my entrepreneurship class sessions, of hearing the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jamaica and CEO of Value Added Service speak on entrepreneurship. He spoke quite eloquently and was very convincing, inspiring, and all around impressive. I thought: "...this must be fate...all these people are crossing my path, so I HAVE to do something with this". Sooooooooooo...... I tracked him and some of these young entrepreneurs down in an effort to pry some information from them.The result is a bunch of interview footage that I broke down and put into my research documentary.

I really don't see myself uploading the entire documentary, so I have put together a few of these interviews for my blog series. Nevermind the unsavoury background noises and the pseudo bad quality of the video. The weather forced us into positions we never intended to go for this interview, but the show had to go on. So,

Here goes......


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