Friday, April 20, 2012

Accounting & Finance REDUX: Making Sense out of Dollars & Cents


I was made to sit through a fast-track session on accounting, complete with spreadsheets, profits, losses, blah blah... all that good stuff.

You know, there's a reason I'm in the humanities and NOT in the Social Sciences, Pure and Applies Sciences, etc. That's because I've done the the whole accounts thing way back in high school, but failed quite miserably. It is to be noted that I failed miserably not because I'm not smart or numerically inclined, but because I had woken up one day and decided that this is something that seemed slightly intimidating and I simply was just NOT going to even try to tackle it. Afterall, I had just gotten the hang of Math, and this was just gonna dampen my mood.
So I did away with it.

NOW, I'm being made to face it again. I'm having to eat the words "...screw this...I'll never have to do accounts in my life". This time, there isn't the option of whether or not I'm gonna try. Knowledge of accounting at even the most basic stage is so important to entrepreneurs with new or existing businesses - big or small. Keeping all expenses, expenditures, profits, losses, cashflow, and that whole shebang under close watch is a necessary evil for people like me who cringe at the very thought of it. IT MUST BE DONE.

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